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My Predator longbows are at the top of my "favorites" list. They are fast shooting, very quiet, absoutely no hand shock, and the finish is flawless. I have bows that sadly cost a lot more money, that just don't compare to the Predator, not in function, not in quality, and certainly not in price. Robert takes a lot of pride in his bows, and it's obvious when you hold one, and shoot it.

- Todd Smith

Frank Porter 1

Frank Porter 2

I own several of Bobby"s bows, I started with the longbow double carbon. I now own the double, a triple and the new quad carbon in longbow as well as 2 triple carbon recurves. The quad carbon is a far superior bow. The new quad carbon is extremely fast, quiet and no hand shock. My girlfriend also owns two of Bobby"s bows. The first one she bought from Bobby is a wood longbow, she then told Bobby if he could make her an all blue triple carbon longbow she would buy it.... He DID!!! Bobby's workmanship and quality are the best we have ever seen, he is consistently finding new ways to improve the bows he makes and the time and pride he takes in making his bows shows in the product!!

 I use Bobby"s bows for 3-D shoots as well as hunting. I have won many belt buckles at local shoots as well as 3 Texas State Longbow Championship belt buckles. I have taken many deer and hogs with his bows.

 Thank you Bobby for being a great bowyer and making the best bows I have ever shot.

                   Thanks again, Frank Porter, and Donna Powell

Henry Beach

Robert Lutkenhaus “Predator Longbows” caught my attention about two years ago. I was at a Cowtown Bowmen Traditional Shoot, at which Robert and two or three of his friends were shooting his “Predator” bows.

They were pleasing to the eye, quiet, and Robert placed high in the shoots, which is not easy to do with the competition in this area.  So it was not long before I had to check out one of his bows.  The first thing that is really important to me is that the handle just fit my hand.  It was large and had finger placement grooves.  Thus it fit my big hands and made it easy to control the bow.

I have two bows made by Robert and both are well made and pretty.  They are quiet and are the poundage I had requested.  These bows are “predators.”

Henry Beach HB

Joe Wallis

Joe Wallis Note


Aloha Robert!

I just wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate the Bow you sent me. It is absolutely perfect. I am so pleased with this Bow and the craftmanship that you put into this Bow. There is no stacking or hand shock. This is one of the quietest Bows that I've ever experienced. My groups have changed immensely and the Bow shoots where I look.

I will be shooting this Bow with pride and will spread your name and among my fellow Bow Hunters!
Tom Krohn




I found your bow by accident browsing the Internet. It was the best accident I ever had.  After reading about your bow & seeing it online I called you and was very pleased with your knowledge & the time you spend on each bow. Your wife Linda said you were very picky. but never shooting your bow and being so far away from southern Ohio I took a chance on the triple carbon puma longbow. It was not long & my bow arrived.  I opened the box, WOW what a beautiful bow. Put the string and silencers on, set the brace height & out the door I went just like a little kid. This bow was smooth quite and very fast.  It is unreal!  I shot a few arrows at close range then went back to 20 yards. Shot 2 arrows then back to 28 yards and shot 2 arrows I put all 4 arrows in a 4 '' circle the first time I shot this bow. I about fell over. So I had to get my camera and send you a picture . WHAT A BOW!!  Over the years I've shot some of the best bows on the market & the predator puma triple carbon longbow is on the top of my list by far. I wished you were around Forty years ago.
Thanks so much for this beautiful bow.

Your new pal,
Jim Bowman

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