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Puma Take Down

The Puma TakeDown



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Swift, Silent, and Deadly

The Carbon Puma Take-Down Bow

Puma TD

Sometimes space is at a premium and when you've packed for that perfect hunting trip, making sure all your gear fits is a priority. Not only that, but sometimes it helps to take a multi-tasker. Predator Longbows has taken those issues to heart and introduces their new Carbon Puma Take-Down Bow. Made with Predator Longbow's signature carbon layers, the new Carbon Puma Take Down uses a dual pin system for proper limb alignment, locking down with a single bolt per limb.

Not only does this save space, but Predator Longbows Take Down Bow features both Longbow and Recurve limbs, doubling the effective use of the bow for multiple hunting and competition situations. In minutes you can change limbs from longbow to recurve and back again while using the same 16 inch riser. Even better, you can have multiple limbs in a wide variety of poundage, perfect for switching out between competition shoot and when you have to take down dinner where your power needs are at their highest levels.

The Puma Take-Down Bow can be made of any of Predator Longbow's native and exotic woods, as well as Dymondwood, giving you a broad choice in customizable colors.

Like all of the other Predator bows, the Carbon Puma Take-Down Longbow (and Recurve!) is smooth, swift, silent, and has virtually no hand shock, improving accuracy and speed. Check out Predator Longbow's latest bow and see what you can take down..

Puma Take Down


Base Price: (includes riser and one set of limbs): $1300.00*

Limb Only: $650.00*

Riser and BOTH Recurve and Longbow Limbs: PREDATOR LONGBOWS SPECIAL PRICE: $1800.00*

*Exotic woods can increase cost.

Artificial snakeskin (rattlesnake or copperhead) is an additional $100.00 per set of limbs.

To order your Puma Take-Down Bow please visit our contact page.

Puma TD Longbow