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Predator Longbows

Predator Longbows

Predator Longbows

Predator Longbows



The Longbow has historical foundations across the globe, from the Japanese bamboo yumi, to the more familiar English Longbow. Originally made from a single piece of wood, today’s longbow has the practical advantages of modern materials and design. Longbows are lighter and quicker to prepare for shooting when compared to recurve or compound bows. Longbows also generally make for a quieter shot, improved distance, and higher accuracy.

Descendant Signature Longbow

With a new design Master Bowyer Robert Lutkenhaus takes another step forward with the Descendant Signature Series Longbow, the official traditional longbow of the television show "Descendent Outdoors".

Base Price: $800.00*

*Certain woods not available.


The Cheetah Carbon Longbow -

Cheetah Quad Carbon Longbow

The latest offering from Predator Longbows is the revolutionary Cheetah Carbon Longbow, a masterpiece of design excellence. With all carbon limbs (except for the taper in the limb), the Cheetah Carbon Longbow sports a 20" riser. the Cheetah Carbon Longbow is incredibly quick and dead in the hand. This provides a faster, flatter trajectory, smoother draw, no stacking, and eliminates the voice print almost completely.

Base Price: $1100*

*Exotic woods and additional layers of carbon increase cost. 

Cheetah Carbon Longbow

Visit the Gallery to see more shots of the Cheetah Carbon Longbow.



Photo Courtesy of Professional Predator


The Ocelot Youth LongbowOcelot Youth Longbow

It's never too early to get the kids involved in a fun, useful, outdoor skill. Video game designers say their products improve hand-eye coordination, but nothing does it better than archery. Whether for competition shoot or actual hunting, Predator Longbows' Ocelot Youth Longbow is the perfect way to bridge the gap between your world and theirs.

The Ocelot Youth Longbow is perfect for kids between the ages of 6 and 12. Coming in a variety of customizable poundages as well as any of Predator Longbows' custom woods, the Ocelot makes a great gift for that child you wish to introduce into the sport of archery.

Base Price: $225.00*

*exotic wood selections can increase price.

Ocelot Youth Longbow


All custom made bows require a non-refundable $250.00 deposit.