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Swift, Silent, and Deadly

Robert Lutkenhaus

In today’s age of manufactured parts, of molded plastics and machine-made materials, it’s better to stop and truly consider what you are holding when you pick up a custom made longbow or recurve bow by Robert Lutkenhaus. Robert has been designing, building, and shooting bows since he was a boy on his father’s farm, eventually taking what was a childhood pastime into a professional career. He studied under Master Bowyer O.L. Adcock, another long time hunter and archery master whose handmade longbows have been used to shatter distance and speed world records. Robert learned that master craftsmanship is not just about making something with your hands and your mind, but with your heart. When Robert left to begin his own journey, Adcock sent his very own longbow press with him, a tool that to this day sits in Robert’s shop.

"Swift, Silent, And Deadly"

Robert Lutkenhaus

Nothing is as special as walking the woods on a cool, brisk morning, scanning the ground for tracks, hunting bow clutched in your hand. Every bow that Robert creates has its own unique characteristics, brought forth by a master’s touch. Robert has said that he considers each bow that comes from his hand his very own, a weapon he himself would use. This dedication to personal perfection is what makes a Predator bow not just swift, silent and deadly, but a work of art as well.

“Don’t tell me that the sky is the limit. There are footprints on the moon.”

Robert's Workshop

It is said that bow design took thousands of years to perfect and Master Bowyers like O.L. Adcock and Robert Lutkenhaus feel there is still room for improvement. Technology has brought new materials, innovative processes, and novel methods to bow construction and those master bowyers continue to engineer, design and test in order to bring you the best weapon possible.

Robert’s Triple Carbon Longbow is the latest in a series of accomplishments that has allowed Robert to drop poundage and still have the performance of a higher poundage bow. They are smooth, fast, quiet, dead in the hand, and don’t stack. Robert feels that it’s his mission to research and develop new designs that find the limits of performance and quality. As an accomplished machinist and woodworker, he understands the demands of tight tolerances and exact precision and he applies that knowledge to every bow he makes.

Robert Lutkenhaus

Robert currently resides in Muenster, Texas where he lives with his wife, Linda. He has four children and six grandchildren. His passion for the outdoors leads him frequently into the wild and he enjoys sharing that with others. It’s not uncommon to find him in the woods, or at one of the local archery tournaments, his own handcrafted bow held expertly in his hand, string pulled tight, an arrow ready to fly. His impressive collection of buckles, trophies, and awards demonstrate he doesn’t just build bows, but that he is an expert marksman as well.

Robert Lutkenhaus

Knowing the man behind the machine is as important as knowing which bow is right for you. Call Robert today and let him guide you through the custom selection process. Explore the artistry and master craftsmanship of Robert Lutkenhaus. Pick up one of his handcrafted custom long or recurve bows and become...

A Predator